Shatterer of Worlds: A Novel

Drapaudi Part Five

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“It was never my wish to marry Lemarn. My father thought it was time for me to marry, and since I hadn’t expressed interest in anyone in particular, he sought out the best match for our family. I don’t think Lemarn wants to marry me. He is just pleasing his mother.”

“Can you not tell your father you do not want to marry Lemarn?” Yasana asked, her hands gently wrapped around Drapaudi’s own.

Drapaudi shook her head. “He will not listen. Our family is built on fortuitous marriages. If I wait, I will lose beneficial suitors. My father doesn’t want that.”

“Mother,” Dennethom began. “Drapaudi is being forced into a marriage she does not want any part of.”

“I wish we could help,” Yasana said with a sigh.

“Come with us,” Arronanto said. “Live with us. You won’t have to marry anyone.” He glanced over at his older brother and saw Dennethom nod his head encouragingly.

“No,” Arjuna replied. “It’s too dangerous. If you disappear, your father will never stop looking for you. It will draw too much attention to us.”

“That’s not true,” Arronanto scoffed.

“A visiting Boentu ship won’t raise suspicion?” Arjuna asked with a scowl.

Drapaudi raised her hands, not wanting the siblings to fight. “Arjuna is right. I cannot simply run away. And my father won’t let me come with you, not when he wants me to marry.”

“Then marry me,” Arronanto said in earnest. “That is, if you want to.”

“That’s the other problem,” Dennethom replied.

“I cannot choose between you,” Drapaudi said, her eyes downcast.

“Choose between us?” Arronanto asked, puzzled. “Between me and this Lemarn?” He glanced at Drapaudi who was now gazing at his brother. Suddenly everything became clear. “Oh.”

All was silent in the lounge as they digested the news that Drapaudi loved Dennethom and Arronanto both. Finally Yasana sighed aloud and said, “we can at least solve one problem.”

“How?” Arjuna asked with a furrowed brow.

Yasana shrugged. “Drapaudi doesn’t have to choose.” All eyes turned her way. “Long ago, Boentu warriors often took more than one spouse. Usually it was the male Boentu with numerous wives, but it is not unheard of for females to have many husbands.”

“How would that work?” Arronanto asked.

“That is for you to decide. If you three are willing to do this.”

Drapaudi looked around uncertainly at Dennethom and Arronanto. Both shrugged their shoulders in compliance.

“If it means being with you at least some of the time, I would be willing to try,” Dennethom replied.

“As would I,” said Arronanto.

“Wonderful,” Yasana beamed. “Then we only have one more problem: How do we get Drapaudi away from the Arthema system without drawing attention to us?”

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