Shatterer of Worlds: A Novel


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shatterer of Worlds?
Shatterer of Worlds is an online serial novel by Shiromi Arserio. It is a science fiction re-telling of The Mahabharata.

Why re-tell The Mahabharata?
A bigger question would be “why not?” An epic story with warring clans vying for a throne, it’s more surprising to me that it hasn’t already been done.

Where do I start?
The best place to begin reading is to click on the “begin here” link which you can find on the menu to the right. This will take you to the first instalment. Then simply keep clicking on the arrows for each new instalment.

How often will you be posting?
You can expect to find a new 300-800 word post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Barring earthquakes, floods, locusts etc this will be the regular posting schedule for Shatterer.

What if I miss a post?
You can always find earlier posts on this site. However, the best option is to not miss a post. Simply subscribe via email and get the latest instalment delivered to your inbox.

Is Shatterer of Worlds Finished?
Yes and no. Shatterer of Worlds is a long story that encompasses three books. The first draft of the first book is what you find here. I had briefly considered publishing this as an ebook, but owing to some personal problems, I found myself falling behind. Posting as a web serial, which is always what I was interested in doing, allows me to vet my work with my readers, and also keeps me on track to complete the next two novels.

Will it ever be available as a book?
Shatterer of Worlds will eventually be made available in ebook format once the entire first book has been posted on the site, but for now, this website is the only place you can read it.

So this is free right?
Yes. You guys are vetting this story for me, so I certainly do not require payment. However, if you like the story, and want to help keep it going, you can always make a donation via PayPal. Right now, I am doing an offer that if you make a donation, I will use all or part of your name in Shatterer of Worlds. Also, whenever the tip jar gets to $10, I will post an extra post on Saturday.

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