Shatterer of Worlds: A Novel

Under Attack Part Five

by on Mar.25, 2013, under Chapter Thirteen: Under Attack

“I don’t like this,” Drapaudi said, her lips pressed tightly together as Dennethom nuzzled his son.

“You’ll be safer here with Xien,” he replied, patiently.

Xien stood stiffly in the corner watching as the future leader of Boentu said goodbye to his family. Xien didn’t want to stay. His place was with the Aluen. But Dennethom needed to know someone he trusted watched over his kin.

“You’re certain it’s better we stay here and not evacuate with the colonists?” Yasana asked as she gave her son a hug.

“Yes. Like I said, we’re away from town. This compound puts out a tiny heat signature. They won’t give us a second thought.”

“That must be why you left Xien with a couple of volt cannons,” Drapaudi said dryly.

“Just in case a raider ship makes it through. Which they won’t.” He kissed her. “I also made sure that part of the defence grid will be covering this region.”

Drapaudi smiled, and gave her husband a hug. “Keep Arro, Jora and Arjuna safe,” she whispered.

The waiting was the hard part. Sitting in the control room of the defence grid with the mayor, and a crew of skilled workers Dennethom was antsy. He knew his brother and sister would be feeling the same way, sitting in their respective crafts on the ground, waiting for word that the raiders had been sighted.

The radiers didn’t arrive immediately. A full-day after they expected them Dennethom finally received word that the raiders were in-system. They must have had a tough time navigating the asteroid belt. Good, Dennethom thought. Maybe it would help even the odds.

Sure enough the raiders were on a course for their township. It was no surprise. The colony had grown out of the small township, and it was still the centre of commerce.

Dennethom tapped his comms link.

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