Shatterer of Worlds: A Novel

Under Attack Part One

by on Mar.15, 2013, under Chapter Thirteen: Under Attack

In the moons that passed Arjuna surprised even herself. It was an adventure. Everything Nerita did seemed new and exciting. Arkaya took to his cousin well, and was fiercely protective of her. Arronanto went through fits of excitement and dread as Drapaudi’s stomach grew bigger and more pronounced.

It was close to their one cycle anniversary of being on Skora when Dennehtom slipped away to the market. The generator at their housing structure had a worn power converter that he wanted to replace. He took any opportunity at the market to listen for news from the other systems.

He first went to a reliable seller who sold used and new parts, hoping to find the part he needed. The stand was shuttered. When he stopped at a fruit stand to buy some cool treats for the family he spotted a seller reading a local broadsheet.

“Anything interesting?” he asked. He never wanted to look as though he were fishing for information.

The seller tossed the broadsheet aside. “Rumours, that’s all. Supposedly we’ve lost contact with Sarno.”

Sarno was Skora’s twin planet. It had been colonised first as terraforming began on Skora.

“Who do they think is responsible?” Dennethom asked.

“Nobody knows anything at this point. Which of course means everyone is screaming raiders. You must have noticed there’s hardly anyone out here today.”

“That would explain why V’beck’s stand is closed. I had been hoping to pick up a power converter.”

The seller scoffed. “V’beck. What a coward. Don’t get me wrong. He sells good parts for a decent enough price, but he gets a whiff of news of raiders and he’s off scurrying. Makes you wonder why he came out here in the first place.

Dennethom said nothing, he merely nodded his head, ready to purchase his fruit and return home.

Later, that night, as Dennnethom sat playing with his son and Arjuna read to Nerita, the door buzzer chimed. The siblings were alarmed. They rarely had visitors, and never at night.

Arjuna took Arkaya and Nerita into another room. The children weren’t exactly a secret but it would be difficult to explain why children so young might live with Boentu monks

Dennethom and Arronanto threw on their monk robes and went to answer the door. It was Nyal.

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